Session I Trips Are Off

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June 27th, 2013 | Comments Off on Session I Trips Are Off


Our first session trips are off to a great start. We had a very smooth arrival on Tuesday as the groups formed throughout the day. After an amazing dinner we discussed expedition expectations before joining the entire Chewonki camp community for a send off. Early the next morning three groups departed. Thoreau Wilderness Trip headed five hours north to put in at Baker Lake, this lake signifies the downhill start of the St. John River. North Woods Canoe put in on the upper West Branch of the Penobscot near Lobster Lake. Maine AT was transported to the trailhead outside of Monson, ME to begin hiking the 100 mile wilderness. Later in the afternoon Maine Coast Kayak loaded up their sea kayaks and paddled away from the waterfront. This morning West Branch Explorers departed heading to the trail head on the Appalachian Trail. We look forward to hear from the trips at resupplies. If you are preparing mail to send out to your child in the field please be sure to send your letters at least two days before the resupply date. If you are in need of your child’s resupply date please feel free to contact the trips office at any time. More information to come!
Ryan Linehan

First Day of Camp!

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June 25th, 2013 | Comments Off on First Day of Camp!

While it is only 5:30 pm, I must admit to feeling tremendously satisfied right now after a successful first day of camp. Our campers are here and settled, and our staff has done a fantastic job welcoming our campers to Chewonki and engaging them in a wide range of fun “mini- activities” on this first day. We use mini-acitivities as a way of integrating our campers into fun Chewonki activities. “Mini-activity” offerings included soccer, ultimate frisbee, baseball, dodgeball, canoeing, a hike around Chewonki, a walk to the farm to view our animals, an opportunity to build a campfire, create an project, and a hike to the porcupine caves among other offerings. Perhaps the most popular activity today was swimming as hot and humid temperatures gave campers just the nudge they needed to try out our waterfront for the first time this summer. We ask campers to wear life-jackets on the first day of camp because they haven’t taken their swim check yet. Swim checks happen on the second day of camp.

We’ll gather at Campfire Circle after supper tonight for an introductory campfire and sing-along. We take the time to introduce many of the senior camp leaders to the campers, as well as our important safety and emergency policies. From here, our campers return to their cabins for an opening night candlelight. Candlelight ceremonies are the perfect time for introductions, goal setting and a review of the highlights of the upcoming camp season. They really help to set the tone for a welcoming and inclusive camp community.

Thank you for sharing your son with us! We look forward to a joyous first session of camp. Please keep checking this space and our Flickr photo gallery for camp photos.


Garth Altenburg, Camp Director

opening day

Campers enjoy the water on the first day of camp! We wear life-jackets today because campers will have their swim check on the second day of camp.


Two weeks to go!

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June 11th, 2013 | Comments Off on Two weeks to go!

We open for our 99th season of camp two weeks from today! There is a growing excitement in the air as new staff arrive each day for training and planning. Pictured below is the kickoff to our staff training on Monday, June 10th.


Staff training begins on Monday, June 10th! We’re getting ready for the arrival of your child.

We are thrilled your son will be with us for camp. As you prepare for camp, I suggest taking a little time to view this Top 10 Camp Prep Tips video for some great reminders and advice.


Welcome to Chewonki Blogs!

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April 23rd, 2013 | Comments Off on Welcome to Chewonki Blogs!

You’ve found the blogs of The Chewonki Foundation, a non-profit institution in Wiscasset, Maine, that runs educational programs with an environmental focus. To find out more about us, please select a blog from the list!

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